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The Next Generation High Converting User Experience Mobile Optimized
Shopify Theme

Grocee comes with a ready-to-use eCommerce Shopify theme, flexible design, and many powerful features to help you grow your business. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Why is Grocee the best choice for you?

Online store 2.0

Sections everywhere with Drag & Drop. Which is built for performance, flexibility, and ease of use

Works with the latest features

The Shopify theme is promised to stay up to date and work with Shopify ever-growing features set.

Free inclusion of premium features

With our free built-in theme features, you can save up to $2000. No need to pay for yearly or monthly apps.

Free lifetime updates

Your email will continuously receive free updates that are compatible with standards and trends in the industry.

Speed-tested and performance

Meets Shopify's performance requirements, guaranteeing your customers a quicker buying experience.

One time charge

You don't need to pay monthly or yearly. It's a lifetime license.

Maximum customizability

Yes, each pre-built demo is completely customizable. Assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for your customers.

No knowledge of code required

It's effortless to use. You don't need to edit any code. You can customize everything from settings.

Get support

Simply put, we love our customers. If any additional support other than documentation is required, our support team will assist efficiently.

Unlimited possibility with
tons of features


Color Swatches

Color options for a product should be displayed on the product page.


Enhanced Search

You can add predictive search to your store so that suggested results appear immediately as you type into the search field.


Filter Sorting

Allowing customers to filter products based on search filters such as size, color, or brand on the collection page


Selling worldwide

It includes options for selecting currencies, countries, and translations.


In store Local Pickup

You can set up the option for customers to pick up their online orders at your retail store, curbside, or any location that you choose.


Mega Menu

Set up menu navigation to allow for multi-column drop-down navigation.


Quick View

View product details in a popup window without leaving the current page


Slide out Cart

You can access the cart from any page. It will help customers to add to the cart, remove, and move from any page to the checkout page


Quick Buy

Allow customers to add items to their shopping cart without leaving the page.

One-time charge
No more monthly fee

Features Shopify APP Cost Conversation Rate Grocee
Advanced Ajax Filter $360 0.8% Free
Color swatches $140 0.2% Free
Product Quick view $79 0.25% Free
Cart sticky $60 1.25% Free
Cart drawer $108 0.5% Free
Smart search $120 0.35% Free
Countdown timer $80 0.2% Free
Mega menu $50.00 0.15% Free
Size chart $69 0.12% Free
Newsletter popup $120 0.45% Free
Wishlist $80 0.2% Free
Compare products $70 0.15% Free
Stock countdown $60 0.15% Free
Product recommendation $99 0.35% Free
Recently viewed products $49 0.25% Free
Back in stock notification $39 0.2% Free
Ask about a product (popup) $59 0.15% Free
Currencies and language switcher $120 0.35% Free
Shipping calculator $79 0.15% Free
Ajax quick buy product $120 0.45% Free
Inventory stock counter $39 0.12% Free
In-store local pickups $59 0.3% Free
Total +$2059/year Standalone Cost +8.44%* Expected CR Increase $49 NO Monthly COST

You can develop a store
within 24 hours

Includes 20+ instructional videos to help you customize your store.

Install Theme

You can easily install theme following this video

Import Presets

You can import the demo following this video for any home page

Update Theme

If you get notification to update grocee, you can easily update theme following this video


You can change the color scheme for your store


If you want to change fonts, text size. You can change typography very easily following this video


There are many settings in the header. You can customize the header by following this video


There are many settings in the footer. You can customize the footer by following this video

Cart Drawer

You can customize the cart drawer. Customers can access easily the cart without leaving the page.

Additionally, Grocee is the
Mobile-first design

This unlocks the hidden power of your store


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Shop Page


Product Page


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Grocee is the Fastest
Shopify Theme

It's crucial to be fast. While your competitors are still loading, you will begin selling immediately.

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Why is grocee faster?

Because Grocee is designed for speed and performance.

Letest Technologies

Grocee is built based on the latest technology. You can take full advantage

Image Optimization

Your site no longer suffers from slow load times because all images are served in the highest quality possible.

Keep Small Bundle Size

Minimal polyfills can be maintained using modern browser APIs.

Selective Loading

Removing the bloat and only loading and serving what is required

Preconnect Preload

The Shopify theme is guaranteed to be up to date and compatible with Shopify's ever-expanding feature set.

Effortless Integration

More features without charging based on how well your site performs

Exclusive eCommerce feature to
increase your sale


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